General Information
Run by a graduate of Pace University's School of Computer Science and Information Systems, ParityBit is a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations utilize their computer systems more efficiently. By providing low-cost custom solutions, user-friendly service, and knowledgable help, ParityBit strives to satisfy each client and be the source for their future needs.

About the Owner
ParityBit's founder has earned both Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in the fields of Computer Science and Internet Technologies from Pace University in Pleasantville, N.Y. My experience with a variety of hardware platforms, operating systems, software packages, and programming languages allows me to apply my skills to your specific needs. I have served as a Website administrator for a mid-size pharmaceuticals corporation and a Help Desk analyst, Desktop Analyst, and Lotus Domino Administrator for a large global publishing company, along with a variety of other technical positions. This has given me the experience necessary to troubleshoot problems and find solutions for a wide variety of clientele.
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